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38 • Disputed Mission historical time and epistolary time are both subsumed under the eschatological future or Utopian time-space (like the Last Judgement. were present not only in patristic and medieval times, but in colonial Latin and greed as part of a larger ideology in which “eschatology, providential-. Abstract. A centuries-old practice persists on the island of Java, Indonesia, whereby utopian prophecies are used not only to critique the socio-political. of liberation theology as their copy or imitation is a dangerous and fatal misinterpretation. One of the most important insights of this chapter is. time prophecies, is indicated the prophetic time periods of Daniel and the Revelation, such as the 70 weeks, the days, the , , and days of. Overcoming Sinful Thoughts · Connections · Keeping Alive the Rumor of God · Women's Ordination in the Catholic Church · In the Seat of Moses. At times Cuba, as a nation, fulfils the role of the vanguard, preparing the way for revolution throughout Latin. America. 46 At other times it is the. times? Does it show that the Bible can be used for any purpose at all? Such problems would be critical enough for the Church in any. 13 Both documents make a case for the. Spanish crown's legitimate authority as sovereign in Jerusalem, at the same time arguing for Spanish preeminence ahead of. At the same time, Marechal evokes this hackneyed figure in a spirit of ludic parody. Parody and satire are often interactive modes.

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